Norway is known for providing a very good standard of mobile coverage to residents and visitors. One company in Norway definitely has the edge in terms of being popular with consumers who want mobile plans / mobilabonnement. Telenor earns about half of all mobile business in Norway, so it’s a company to check out online if you’re shopping around for mobile plans in the country.

Another good option is Telia mobilabonnement. A third choice to consider is Komplett Mobilabonnement. If you need more options, consider Tele2.

Some of the smaller mobile plan providers in Norway don’t offer mobile coverage outside of Norway’s bigger cities. If you do want that type of “small-town” coverage, you should choose mobile plans in Norway from the biggest companies.

For example, Telenor should be able to offer you mobile service which is reliable almost anywhere, except perhaps the deep valleys and remote mountain ranges! Most areas of Norway are covered in terms of offering signals to mobile phone users. However, Nigardsbreen is one exception, as it has only partial coverage.

If you lose a signal, moving a short distance, such as a few feet, should be enough to get your mobile phone working again.


Two Mobile Plan Types are Available

SIM cards of the prepaid type are found in stores that feature mobile phones for sale and these prepaid SIM cards may also be found in kiosks or at gas stations. Prices for prepaid SIM cards are typically higher than the prices of subscription plans. In Norway, prepaid plans are known as Kontant plans.

Prepaid plans have advantages, especially if you’ve been in Norway for less than three years. It’s actually not possible to get a typical monthly subscription for a mobile phone in Norway, as you have to live in the country for three years or more in order to qualify. So, definitely think about prepaid if you’re a tourist in Norway or someone who hasn’t been living there for a long time.


Is a Monthly Plan Right for You?

If you have been in Norway for more than three years, you should know that monthly subscription plans are reliable ways to access preferred amounts of minutes and texts each month, for a flat rate. If you go over your minute maximums, you may be hit with overage fees, so make sure to choose a monthly plan which has enough of everything. It’s better to pay for a little too much and then avoid overage fees, rather than buying too little in terms of minute and text amounts.

Now that you know some tips, you’ll be ready to choose mobile plans in Norway…